March Instant Pot Round Up!

We made it through the month of March! It's been quite a month and my Instant Pot definitely got a workout with the many recipes I've made in it. If you missed any of the dishes, here's a recap of all the delicious dishes made... and I hope you find a recipe or two that you can try!

Instant Pot: Guinness Beef Stew
Beef is slow cooked with Guinness Draught beer to lend a complex,
rich flavor with baby carrots and potatoes...

Instant Pot: Pork Barbacoa
The recipe involves pressure cooking a pork roast with water, cumin, brown sugar, salsa and a bottle of cola. It seems like an odd combination but it definitely does bring out a nice sweet and spicy flavor!

It's an extremely flavorful and tender chicken dish,
that's best served with couscous or even rice. 

Instant Pot: Maple & Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin

The pork tenderloin has a great flavor with sweetness from the maple syrup and brown sugar.

Instant Pot: Sticky Wings
These are coated and pressure cooked with a sweet & savory sauce
before getting broiled for a nice texture.

Instant Pot: Coffee & Chile Short Ribs

Who knew coffee and chile would work so well together?

Instant Pot: Balsamic Beef Stew
A slight twist on the classic beef stew in which a touch of 
balsamic vinegar is added just before serving for a nice and complex flavor...

Instant Pot: Smothered Chicken & Mushrooms

Creole seasoned chicken is lightly fried and blanketed in a savory 
mushroom & tomato sauce with bacon, mushrooms and garlic before pressure cooking.

I let my Instant Pot do all the work of gently pressure cooking pork 
with the flavors of tangy fresh lime and smoky chipotle peppers. 

Instant Pot: Chicken Enchilada Soup

It's everything I love about chicken enchiladas all in a bowl! Boneless, skinless chicken breast slowly simmers in a soup of enchilada sauce, chicken broth and milk.

This recipe for Roman Style Chicken was delicious in the Instant Pot! Bone-in chicken is browned and then braised with bell peppers, bacon, garlic, tomatoes and wine.

Pressure cooked beef is cooked in a flavorful broth, cooled and sliced thin, 
then stuffed into soft slider rolls and topped with cheese.

Instant Pot: Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

nglish style short ribs are slow braised in red wine and classic aromatics,
fresh herbs and chicken broth which taste as if they were cooked for hours.

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