Sushi Kit from Tiger Sushi!

Now that summer weather is practically here, we've been craving sushi more often. It can get expensive going out for sushi, so why not make it at home instead? I got this Sushi Kit from Tiger Sushi and it's a fun product to use for a sushi night at home. It comes with 11 pieces and allows you to make your customized sushi with the help of a couple molds for a variety of shapes. It's' so easy to use, my lil guy had a blast using them!

All you need to have a sushi party is your ingredients - rice, nori, and your choice of fillings. Everything else is included in the box, including a rice spoon to cool down the rice, spatula for spreading and even a knife for cutting!

Aside from the traditional round sushi maki roll, this kit provides you the tools to make maki into square, triangle and heart shapes. It's quite impressive and you can create those beautiful maki just like those in the restaurants! Once you have created the sushi in the molds, the built in knife guide in the mold allows you to cut your sushi masterpiece easily and safely with the included knife. It makes presentation a breeze!

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