Chemo Comfort Bag Fundraiser Event

I'm taking a brief non-food moment so if you're here to check out today's recipe, please come back tomorrow! However, if you don't mind, I'd like to share something near and dear to my heart...

For those that are familiar with the challenging journey of cancer patients, you can imagine how difficult it is physically, emotionally, financially and socially. I know the cancer journey is difficult and I've been inspired to help in a special way. I'm hosting a special online fundraiser focused on elderly cancer patients with friend & nurse, Jami Lynn, who owns a Thirty One Gifts business

I encourage you take a look at the online party I'm hosting with Jami and consider purchases for yourself or gifts for the upcoming holidays. Profits from this Thirty One online party will be used to purchase items for Chemo Comfort Bags or you're welcome to donate towards a purchase of a Thirty One bag that will be filled as a Chemo Comfort Bag.

Chemo Comfort Bags will include essential items patients will need, such as a Blanket, Chapstick, Hand Sanitizer, Hard Candies, Warm Socks & Kleenex. Patients can also use these great bags to carry their personal items (books, electronics, drinks, and supplies) to and from their treatment appointments throughout their journey.

Attached are pictures of some Chemo Comfort Bags and I hope to have more made and distributed to local elderly cancer patients with your help! Thank you in advance for helping my friends, family and many others who are going through their cancer journey.
Please feel free to share & spread the word!

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