Holiday Turkey Club Biscuit Stacks

This is the time of year when the holidays go into full gear and we're all about celebrating the season! My son's school had a holiday party where students were asked to bring a dish to share for lunch. Teachers would also be participating so I knew my son had to bring something that both kids and adults would appreciate. Since my son loves his daily sandwiches for lunch, I gave it a little festive spin and made these Holiday Turkey Club Biscuit Stacks. They're small finger sandwiches that were easy for the everyone to eat, didn't require any heating, and perfect for the party.

I especially loved how quick these Turkey Club Biscuit Stacks came together!  My son and I worked on these together so these are definitely a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen. You can make your favorite biscuit recipe but to save time, I used canned biscuits that I cut into quarters. Once baked and cooled, I split each mini biscuit in half and spread one side with a little mayo and mustard.

Next, I placed a bit of shredded lettuce on the bottom and began to stack all the ingredients for a turkey club, including Sara Lee Premium Honey Ham, Sara Lee Honey Roasted Turkey Breast, crisp bacon, and colby jack cheese. Sliced tomatoes tend to make sandwiches soggy, so instead, I secured each biscuit stack a toothpick and a grape tomato topper. For a festive touch, I arranged them in the shape of a holiday tree with some shredded lettuce for additional garnish.

The sandwiches were a delicious hit with the kids and the teachers loved that they were light, fresh, flavorful and a healthier option among the potluck offerings. Fellow parents loved that these could be made with the kids too. I would also attribute the success of the Turkey Club Biscuit Stacks to the use of Sara Lee deli meats! With a variety of high-quality cuts of meats and ingredients to choose from plus new trending flavors to try out, Sara Lee is what I choose for our daily lunch sandwiches and for holiday recipes like this! For more tasty ideas, check out the Sara Lee solutions page -

Holiday Turkey Club Biscuit Stacks
What You Will Need
How To Make It
Step 1  Spread some mayonnaise on the inside of one biscuit half
Step 2  Spread some mustard on the inside of the another other biscuit half
Step 3  Top the bottom biscuit with shredded lettuce
Step 4  Top the lettuce with a piece of cheese
Step 5  Top the cheese with a piece of Sara Lee® Premium Honey Roasted Turkey Breast
Step 6  Top the turkey with a piece of Sara Lee® Premium Honey Ham
Step 7  Top the ham with 2 pieces of bacon
Step 8  Top the bacon with the biscuit top 
Step 9  Secure the sandwich together with a toothpick 
Step 10  Top each toothpick with a grape tomato
Step 11   Repeat with remaining biscuits
Step 12  Arrange the Holiday Mini Club Biscuit Stacks on a platter and serve
This post has been sponsored by Tyson Foods Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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