Instant Pot: Beef Osso Buco

This holiday season, I'm thinking of special meals to serve and lead up to the big holidays. One dish I make on special occasions is osso buco. Traditionally its made with veal but I just couldn't pass up on the sale of beef shanks at my local grocery store. So this version is made with beef and it went well with my family... so much so that there were no leftovers!

To make in the Instant Pot, it was pretty easy but do allow for some time to come to pressure, to pressure cook and then naturally release. When made on the stovetop and oven, it takes a few hours but pressure cooking does shave off a lot of time.  Trust me, it's definitely worth it! I served this over mashed potatoes but pasta and rice works nicely too...

Instant Pot: Beef Osso Buco
adapted from AllRecipes

3 pounds beef shanks
salt & pepper to taste
onion & garlic powder to taste
2 tablespoons olive oil for browning
2 cups cabernet sauvignon wine
1 onion, chopped
3 large cloves garlic, minced
1 handful fresh basil
1 tablespoon fresh parsley leaves
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, minced
1-2 cups sliced mushrooms
2 cups marinara sauce

In your Instant Pot:

Plug in the IP with insert set in place.

Press SAUTE and add oil; when hot, add garlic and onion, sauteing until softened.

Season beef shanks with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Place seasoned shanks in IP and lightly brown all sides.

Once browned, add wine and scrape bottom of IP to deglaze. 
Add remaining ingredients to the IP, stirring to combine.

Secure the lid of the IP and ensure the valve is set to SEALING.

Press MANUAL and adjust the time to 75 minutes on HIGH pressure.

The display will reflect ON while the IP comes to pressure. Allow a few minutes for your IP to come to pressure.

Once at pressure, the display will reflect 75 (the number of minutes you initially set) and will begin to countdown to 0 minutes.

When the IP beeps after pressure cooking for 75 minutes, allow your IP to naturally release pressure completely. While naturally releasing pressure (also known as NPR or NR), the display will reflect numbers counting up from 1. The numbers indicate how many minutes the IP has stopped cooking since it beeped (or how many minutes it has been naturally releasing pressure).  No need to touch your IP while it naturally releases pressure. The pin at the top of your IP will drop when all pressure has been released and it's safe to open.

Open up your IP when the pin has dropped (allow a few minutes for this to happen).

To serve, transfer beef shanks onto serving platter and spoon over sauce. 

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