DIY: Homemade Pasta

The weekend is the busiest time for grocery stores, resulting in many pantry staples to be out of stock in some areas. I used to like grocery shopping but lately, it's just been too chaotic to be running around. We've decided to take advantage of a grocery shopping service via Shipt to save us time and keep us comfy indoors.

I've also taken inventory on our pantry staples and in some instances, have to be creative in making meals or going back to the basics of making things from scratch instead of buying already made... like pasta! I figured it would also be a good opportunity to get my boys in the kitchen to learn more about math (measuring ingredients), science (cooking techniques) and saving money. Besides, we have a lot of time on our hands so being in the kitchen is a great way to do an activity together.

This past weekend, I gave my boys a cooking lesson in making pasta from scratch... without a pasta machine no less! It's amazing what a little flour and water will do. If you're interested in making homemade pasta, check out the links below to recipes I've used in culinary classes I've taught publicly and privately.

Link to recipes for linguine, fettuccine, tagliatelle, orecchiette and farfalle

Link to recipes with flavoring pastas including traditional, whole wheat and for fun, spinach

Link to recipes for classic potato gnocchi, sweet potato gnocchi & ricotta gnocchi

Link to a favorite vegetable pasta sauce using leftover vegetables

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