Air Fryer Ranch Chicken Drumsticks

These hot summer nights have me leaning on the grill, Instant Pot and my air fryer to help get dinner on the table. Anything but the stove or oven! I've also been pretty busy at work so dinners lately have been borderline lazy. However lazy can also mean super quick and easy recipes! This recipe for Air Fryer Ranch Drumsticks is both quick and easy... without heating up your kitchen. It requires 3 ingredients and dinner will be ready in 30ish minutes!

I was hoping for some leftovers but sadly my boys ate them all up. You can also prepare this using chicken breasts... however you may need to adjust the cook time to ensure they are fully cooked. By using chicken breasts, it makes for a great addition to salads!

Air Fryer Ranch Drumsticks 

6 Drumsticks 
1 Ranch Packet
1 Stick Butter (Melted)

1. Make sure drumsticks are as dry as can be by patting them down with a towel. 

2. Coat each drumstick in butter. 

3. Place drumsticks on air fryer basket without overcrowding. Air Fry at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

4. Remove from air fryer and coat drumsticks in ranch powder. Return to air fryer for another 10 minutes. 

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