Air Fryer S'mores

S'mores have been around for a long time and there is really no way to redevelop a classic. Besides, there is nothing like cooking s’mores over the open fire... but when the craving hits you and you’re not near a campfire, this is the next best thing! Air fryers cook food by circulating hot air around it. When you cook marshmallows in the air fryer, they will have an even golden crust and give you melty, gooey goodness all the way through. Cooking s’mores in the airfryer also allows you to make several at a time which is great for serving a crowd. 

It is so easy to cook smores in your air fryer! Simply place graham cracker halves evenly on the cooking rack. Be sure to space them evenly apart. When the marshmallows cook, they will expand and puff up a bit, so you want to make sure not to cram them together too closely. Next, place a marshmallow on top and cook at 375 for about 7 minutes or until the tops of the marshmallow start to turn golden brown. You can then add the desired amount of chocolate and top with the other graham cracker half. At this point your s'mores are complete, but we are going to take it to the next level by placing them back in the air fryer for another two minutes to get that chocolate nice and melted! 

If you're looking to change things up, give these fun ideas a try...
Graham Crackers: Try chocolate graham crackers, cinnamon graham crackers or cookies Marshmallows: Try flavored or mini marshmallows for extra golden crisp edges 
Chocolate: Try replacing the regular chocolate with peanut butter cups, caramel filled chocolate squares or decadent dark chocolate

Air Fryer S'mores 
Serves 4 
Prep Time: 2 minutes 
Cook Time: 8 minutes 
Total Time: 10 minutes 

4 graham crackers, broken in half 
4 marshmallows 
1 milk chocolate Hershey’s bar, divided 

1. Gather all your ingredients.
2. Place four graham cracker halves inside the air fryer basket. Cut a small slice off the bottom of each marshmallow, and stick it to the graham cracker. This will keep it secure during cooking. 
3. Cook at 375 for about 7-8 minutes, or until the marshmallow is golden brown. 
4. Add the desired amount of chocolate and top with the other graham cracker. Place back in the air fryer for another 1 minute or until the chocolate begins to melt. 
5. Carefully remove from air fryer and allow to cool slightly.
6. Stack on serving plate & enjoy!

*Please note, cooking time may vary considerably depending on your air fryer model. A toaster oven air fryer can roast mallows in as little as 30 seconds. But most standard air fryer models take at least 5 minutes. I would highly recommend peeking at your s’mores starting at the 5 minute mark. 

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