Instant Pot: Corn on the Cob

Summer isn't complete without fresh corn on the cob... am I right?! Compared to previous years, I felt like fresh corn was available later than usual. But nonetheless, I'm so happy there's fresh corn to enjoy!

Cooking corn can easily be done on the stovetop, but I recently tried making it in my Instant Pot and LOVED the results. I found the corn to be plump and juicier, which means you should have some extra napkins on hand when making this recipe!

Instant Pot: Corn on the Cob


Corn, husked & cleaned

1 cup cold water

Serve with: butter, salt, pepper, parsley

Additional topping ideas: Parmesan cheese, Mexican toppings - cheese, cream, limes


1. Clean corn & remove silks.

2. Add water into Instant Pot; insert trivet.

3. Add corn into Instant Pot on trivet, stacking in a cross pattern - see pictures below.

4. Secure lid on Instant Pot; set to HIGH pressure for 2 minutes.

5. After cooking on high pressure for 2 minutes, quick release pressure.

6. Carefully open lid of Instant Pot & remove corn.

7. Serve immediately with your favorite toppings.


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