Seasonal Summer Produce to Eat Right Now

Seasonal Summer Produce To Eat Right Now 

Summertime means an abundance of local produce that's readily available at roadside stands and farmer's markets. Fruits, vegetables, farm fresh eggs, cheese and more are just some of the bounty that you will find as the temperatures rise around the country signaling the beginning of the summer season. It's also a wonderful time to support your local farmers by purchasing and eating their fare. Here are a few favorites to look out for this season:

Carrots Carrots are high in fiber, vitamin A, and beta-carotene which helps support eye health and regulates blood sugar. To get the most nutrients from this vegetable simply eat it raw. Orange isn’t the only color to look out for: there are also purple, red, and yellow carrots. Check out these recipes that celebrate carrots: 
Carrot Salad by Detoxinista 

Peaches This fuzzy stone fruit is not only juicy and delicious, but is extremely high in vitamin C. About the only time of year you will spot peaches is in the summer and farmers markets will be loaded. This is because they are hard to transport due to their delicate nature. Another benefit of buying peaches locally is fewer pesticides which means a sweeter flavor. Here are a few delicious recipes for peaches: 
Summer Peach Spinach Salad by Ambitious Kitchen 
Baked Peaches by I Heart Naptime 

  Cucumber Cucumbers add lots of hydration and a nice crunch to your salads. Due to their high-water content cucumbers are perfect for combatting the hot summer weather and provide nourishment to your skin. Check out these refreshing cucumber recipes: 
Super Fresh Cucumber Salad by Budget Bytes 
Blueberry And Cucumber Salad by How Sweet Eats 

  Okra Okra is high in vitamin C that has been touted  to boost immune system strength Okra is also a good source of antioxidants and is high in fiber. This versatile vegetable can be baked, fried, roasted or used in salads, soups and stews. 
Fried Okra by Zesty Olive 
Stewed Okra And Tomatoes by Spicy Southern Kitchen 

 The best part about eating seasonal and local produce is that it’s extremely affordable and provides the best nutrients and flavor. Local produce offers the highest vitamins and nutrients because they require little transportation compared to produce at grocery stores. Farmers markets also have more variety and abundance compared to grocery stores which help eliminate costs.

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