Limoncello Lemon Liqueur

It's hard for me to start planning holiday gifts for others until around Thanksgiving. So if you're into DIY gifts, this will probably something that you can start now and have your gift recipient enjoy this into the new year. Limoncello is a cordial drink that's sweet and refreshing, perfect as a gift! This will require a month to develop so plan accordingly...

Limoncello Lemon Liqueur



2 whole lemons, washed & dried

6 cups of Everclear

8 tablespoons Simple syrup

1/2 gallon container



Remove the peels from 2 lemons with a potato peeler. When peeling the lemons, remove the white part (flesh) on the peel.

Slice the peeled lemons.

Place all the lemon peels and lemon slices in the half gallon container add the Everclear alcohol.

Add the simple syrup and stir.

Let the peels and Everclear age for at least a month. Shake it once a week at least.

After a month of aging, the liqueur is ready to be strained.

Strain liqueur with a coffee filter to remove any small particles like pieces of pith.

Limoncello is served chilled as an after dinner drink and is served in a small glass like a cordial glass.

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