Culinary Classes & Kitchen Parties

When hosting a Private Culinary Class and/or Kitchen Party, your guests will have the opportunity to be hands-on in the entire process of cooking and preparing the customized menu. Our chef services & kitchen parties ultimately leaves you with very little to nothing to do beforehand as we package the food, drinks and hands on activity for your class/party. Decor and inviting guests are all that's left for you to manage.

To host a What's Cookin, Chicago Culinary Class and/or Kitchen Party in three steps:

1. Select a date, time and theme. Your theme can be based on a celebration, cuisine, dish or technique. We're happy to provide some ideas if you need them!

2. Customize a menu. There are several menu ideas we offer and can suggest based on your theme. We're also able to cater to special dietary restrictions and allergies, including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc.

Kitchen parties are priced per person (between $25-$55 per person) and is dependent on the chosen menu. If you have 6 or more guests, you will receive 20% off

3. Invite your guests - friends, family, etc! We'll take care of grocery shopping for all ingredients needed for your customized menu, prep ingredients and bring all necessary supplies/equipment as well.  

A kitchen party includes:
- professional culinary consultation of your party including menu ideas, suggestions and accomodating any food preferences, allergies and/or restrictions
- all food/ingredients/equipment needed for the chosen menu; we will do all the grocery shopping and prepping
- full 4 course menu consisting of an appetizer, main entree, side dish and dessert. A signature cocktail or drink can also be included to round out the menu.
- hands on, interactive preparation of the chosen menu (with an educational aspect for children)
- prep beforehand and clean up after dinner preparation while you and your guests enjoy the prepared meal

A kitchen party does NOT include: 
- decorations. As a host, any decorations are up to you and your discretion.
- serving ware. As a host, you will only need to have serving dishes, serving ware, plates, dinnerware and glassware available/ready.

The typical private class format is:
·  30 minutes to 1 hour prior to class/party for set up Additionally, we will bring all needed equipment (pots, pans, knives, etc) required to prepare the menu so you don't need to worry about having any cookware or kitchen tools ready.

·  2 hour hands on instruction Some of our clients request to have hands on, interactive participation in the preparation of meal while others do not and prefer to mingle with guests while they watch as I prepare. The choice is certainly up to you and your guests on how you would like the party to go - we're flexible and can accommodate either way.

·  menu served family style while we clean up You and your guests will not be responsible for clean up! We will clean up the kitchen while you and your guests enjoy the meal prepared. We intend to leave the kitchen as it was when we arrived with everything cleaned and put away so you can focus on your guests and not worry about cleaning up from our meal preparations.

·  services complete - we leave you to enjoy the meal with your guests

The menu is one we can create together to fit your preferences, taking into account any dietary restrictions, allergies, etc if needed. Popular menus often requested include:

Sushi Maki
Spanish Tapas
Mediterranean Taverna
Mexican Street Food
Filipino Fiesta
Bayou Brunch (New Orleans Cuisine)
French Creperie
Saigon Supper (Vietnamese)
Bangkok Bites (Thai)
Chocolate Tasting
Holy Italian Homemade Pastas & Cannoli
Korean Soul
Big Kahuna Luau
Floribbean Feast
California Wine Country
Havana Nights (Cuban cuisine)
German Oktoberfest

... and quite a few more, all of which can be customized within your chosen budget, Do you have a cuisine, theme or favorite dish you'd like to learn to make? We're happy to work and build a menu with you highlighting dishes you'd like to learn to prepare.

If you're interested in hosting a Culinary Class and/or Kitchen Party with us, send us a message through our contact page!